RCCG came to Texas in 1995. Today, there are several dozen parishes of RCCG in Texas. Restoration Chapel started on a modest note at the end of 1996. It later moved its meeting place to a hotel. It then moved to a rental space located on a strip mall on Bissonnet Street, Houston in September 1997 with only 11 adults. The Church was formally inaugurated by Pastor E A Adeboye, in May 1998.

The rented space became too small for the church due to rapid growth. God being so good, He gave the ministry a new property of about 8 Acres on which the current church auditoriums are standing on 13406 Beechnut Street, Houston.

Perhaps it is germane to note that the Church went into Ernest Contract to acquire the land when it was just two years old. To some at that time, the proposal was either presumptuous at worst or ambitious at best. But since the leadership of the Mission is committed to faith it is hardly surprising that the membership is imbued with faith in an unchanging God. The church moved into this property on 25th, December 2000. The phenomenal growth which the church began experiencing continued until the auditorium became grossly inadequate hence the need for a bigger space. A new 1500-seater, ultra modern auditorium was completed early in 2006, and was formally dedicated by Pastor Enoch Adeboye, just before the start of the 2006 North America convention of RCCG, which took place in Houston.